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Custom Pillows from Professional Designers

Explore custom throw pillows made-to-order by professional designers. The collections at Christy B Home provide access to a level of luxury and quality previously only available to top designers. These colorful patterns and fine materials will bring joy into your home and living spaces!

Handmade Luxury Textiles

Christy B Home’s custom pillow covers are handmade by craftswomen with luxury textiles. Don’t continue to remain unsatisfied by boring styles, low-quality fabrics, and dull colors from big-box stores. Discover beauty and comfort like no other!

Locally Crafted With Free Shipping

Made in the USA with locally sourced materials, our accent pillow covers and pillow inserts are perfect to mix and match geometric shapes, colors, sizes, and textures in your home. Discover what it means to have unparalleled quality and customization options at your fingertips!