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The spirit of truly great design is in the details. Cherished items placed in key locations of your home exude the love and care you infuse into your interiors. Christy B Home brings you a collection of artisan decor accessories curated to offer only the most exceptional offerings. We've selected the finest finishes and premium materials that will set your home accessories apart from other mainstream store findings. Explore the difference you can make in your design with our artisan home decor pieces.

Little Joy in the Details

Designer home decor is in the little touches that make all the difference in your home. A hint of sparkling crystal here, a warm splash of mango wood there, and before you know it, your artisan home decor is elevating your interiors, slowly bringing together the space of your dreams. Christy B Home brings you luxury pieces to complement your unique design sense and our designer, handmade pillows. Browse our stunning accessories, custom throw pillows, and pillow inserts to give your home new life. Our pillow decor ideas and curated collections can spark inspiration, inviting you to add charm and character to your home through long-lasting accent pieces.

Long-Lasting, Professional Designs

Christy B Home is a woman-owned, designer brand inspiring interior designers and home enthusiasts to create spaces that speak to who they are. Our designer pillow covers are created by three generations of artisan women, committed to bringing you long-lasting, premium accents. With concealed zippers, overlock seams, and full linings, our pillow covers are made of luxury textiles, customized to your vision, or ready-made for your convenience. Crafted in the USA, we also ship free of charge! Explore Christy B Home to discover designer home decor that turns your spaces into a sanctuary.