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Throw Pillow Inserts



10/90 Fill:  10% Down, 90% Feather Blend.   Our “gold standard” for luxurious home design; the perfect balance between fluffy and firm.

25/75 Fill:  25% Down, 75% Feather Blend.  Next level above our already top-notch standard.  When you desire a softer, more cloud-like fill, the 25/75 fulfills your wishes.

Angel Fill:  Down alternative that is plump and lightweight and won’t clump over time.  Produces sumptuous volume and allows for a classic “V” chop.  A perfect substitute for allergy sufferers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pillow inserts may arrive compressed to reduce shipping waste.  If a pillow cover is ordered at the same time, the cover and insert will likely arrive unassembled, in order to protect the fabric cover during shipping.



Not only does Christy B Home offer curated, handmade pillow collections, we offer pillow inserts in all sizes. Mix and match your arrangement with 16 x16 pillow inserts, 14 x 36 pillow inserts, and more to create depth and variety on your sofas and beddings. With our easy-to-remove pillow inserts, you can keep your pillow covers clean and swap them out based on season or interior design projects. Shop a variety of custom pillow inserts to transform your pillow decor today.

Must-Have Decor for Your Home

Pillows add a splash of personality and style to every room. So, when that fabulous fabric and once-plush pillow starts looking sad and deflated, it’s time to get a new 16 x1 6 pillow insert or other sizes. 

Our variety includes a 14 x 36 pillow insert for lumbar support to an 18 x 18 square pillow. Liven up your home with our custom pillow inserts and one-of-a-kind fabrics today!

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We want to help customers everywhere find their unique style and personality, and we believe we can do that with pillows! We pride ourselves on creating special patterns that are contemporary yet timeless. 

Whether you’re looking for a 16 x 16 pillow insert or just want some inspiration, the Christy B Home team of artists is here to provide you with handmade, customizable throw pillows.