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Throw pillows are the quintessential finishing touches to any living space. Earth-tone throw pillows are a home decor staple, because they pair well with many interior design styles. Neutral shades and rustic pillow cases are perfect for creating a cozy, welcoming environment and a timeless look all year round. The Flora Bella collection from Christy B Home features stylish, made-to-order pillows in rustic colors and patterns. Shop our selection of handmade, decorative pillows in solid earth tones, leopard print, floral, and woven patterns.

Mix and Match Solids and Patterns

The Flora Bella collection features solid and patterned rustic pillow cases, perfect for dictating your color scheme. Our woven, leopard, and muted floral patterns compliment the solids, adding texture and dimension to the overall style. The beauty of using neutral shades is that they can be used in both modern and traditional styles. Earth-tone throw pillows work beautifully as a minimalist design, as well as creating a cozy, warm space. Pairing solids and patterns is a great way to add your own personal touch to the space you’re decorating. Explore our other designer pillow collections today!

The Power of Neutrals

Neutral colors are often thought to be soft and soothing. A sofa decorated with earth-tone throw pillows will not only never go out of style, it’s inviting and comforting. Varying your earth tones with some brighter hues adds a subtle contrast, making solid neutrals pop. Using a slight color and pattern variation, as well as using different size pillows, is a great way to add charm! Combining sizes is aesthetically appealing. An odd number of pillows stacked from largest to smallest takes up the space without overwhelming the room. Check out our blog to learn more styling tips from Christy B Home.