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Revitalizing your home’s interiors with fresh looks breathes new life into familiar spaces. On the Christy B Home blog, you’ll find inspiration for pillow decor ideas, color schemes, mix-and-match arrangements, and more. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and statements that will impress clients and friends, make your home a sight of beauty, and maybe even instigate a little jealousy in visitors! Dedicated to making your home a showpiece of individuality, we propose interior design that makes your sanctuary a reflection of who you are. Start exploring!

Pillow Decor Ideas From Experts

Our pillow decor ideas are an easy way to instill new life into a stale atmosphere, all while telling your home’s story. Our home decor blog offers tips, advice, and inspiration from experts who run successful interior design businesses. From special features with our favorite designers to inside information from our in-house experts, you’ll find plenty of up-to-the-minute decor inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Shop our collections of handmade pillow covers, then read about how they can refresh and update your home on our interior design blog.

New Designs for Every Season

For us, every passing season presents an opportunity to showcase contemporary pillow decor ideas, highlighting the latest fashion and design trends. At Christy B Home, you’ll find brand new collections with unique, seasonal pop-up lines. Every collection we feature is carefully designed and artisanally created by dedicated craftswomen with a passion for home design. Revolutionize your living space with designer throw pillows that express the essence of your lifestyle, making your home a joyful celebration of beauty and quality. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive alerts about new arrivals and more!